In Miguwa

Dear all,

The students have now begun their fifth week in the classroom. Here are some pictures from our center in Miguwa, a village located not far from Nzega, in the Tabora region.





The location which we choose to establish our classes do always depend on the demand amongst the youths in that certain area. This means that as soon as we do not have enough pupils planning on taking the course, we will move on to another village. Since our idea is to focus on countryside villages (to make sure that we reach not only the youths in the bigger towns, but also others) it usually takes about two semesters (equal to 60 educated youths) before we begin looking at other areas. This is our third semester in Miguwa and the class is, again, completely crowded!




From what Edward tells, everything continues smoothly. All students meet in classroom every afternoon for their three-hours-session in English.





We simply L O V E education. 


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