GO Faces

Edward Lembo has been interviewing a few students from each of our centers. These two below both study in Kitongo and it is surprising how good their English has become after only a few weeks of teachings.

Keep the spirit up!



”Hello! My name is Paschal Simon. I am 25 years old. I am happy with the teaching. I want to know English. I like the teachers in my class. They teach me good English. Myself now I can speak simple English. I like the Give Opportunity. This will help me to get Employment because knowing English gives many chances. I thank the Organization for opening the English teaching programs at my living area. I ask them to continue giving these chances to other youth in my country. Thanks.”




”Hi! My name is Elina William. I am 21 years old. I am a student at KITONGO Give Opportunity class. I am very happy to learn English. I like my teachers who teach me good English. I want to know good English. It will help me in my business. I will be able to communicate to different person who does not know English. I will be a business woman. I thank the organization for the chance. I would like to encourage the leaders for the Organization to continue giving the chances in my country. Thanks.”  

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